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  • Great Article
    Found this gem on Pinterest of all places, the article goes way deeper than what I would have expected.

    I tend to agree with the Shodan part of the article. It is up to the school. My school skill and dedication rules all. Time in grade is small compared to other schools, but VERY few do the minimum.
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      • 1
      Rob Wallace Yeah karate by Jesse is a solid resource, can't think of anything bad to say about that site really.
      • 1
      Michael It look me a few days, but I finally got through both part 1 & 2. Very good read. Quite insightful, and impressively provided over 20 sources.
        • 1
        Richie That is something very rare in MA articles for some reason. I don't know if it builds the "mystery" of MA or it is the typical he said she said stuff.

        I think the McDojo is in danger because of the internet.
          • 1
          PAUL (paldo) REYNOLDS I'm not advocating a credential check on Jessie, but he has demonstrated over the years that he has the stuff technically. He has no doubt a great desire to expand his learning of the Japanese culture, language, and deep-sighted history of Japanese ancient history, and his patrons are so privileged to receive his learnings of them. Talk about becoming a "well-rounded" or complete karate-ka ! I can not disagree with his educational teaching to the public, it's sound, and I know its his business for income, but we all learn from his Internet site and I believe its free or small entry fee at first, forgot.. The part I most admire is his indepth learning from Okinawan Masters in obtaining the differences in kata techniques from what he has been taught.....some little differences, but technically exquisit, they come from the "old times" or ancient times. I have both experiences of these. Addressing the Mc Dojo's in Jesse's respect, I can not judge, but technically of the little things I've seen from his deomonstrations and class students, he is a real sensei of good quality ! I would have to see his total corruculum and a class observation in giving him my total thumbs up on his class. However, I do enjoy his technical explanations, Japanese culture discriptions, and travels to Japan dojos in spreading his gained knowledge to the public.
          • 1
          Michael To be honest, the McDojo would be in trouble if consumers cared. Informed, apathetic customers are simply looking for the best economic choice rather than their best quality choice. This issue is plaguing every industry in this Information Age.

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