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  • Groin Strikes & Self-Defense
    How much are groin strikes part of your self-defense training? A little, a lot or non-existent? Do you just practice a simple front kick to the groin or do you also practice more sophisticated groin attacks (i.e. with grappling techniques or escape techniques)? Does your school teach students how to defend against a groin strike?

    And finally are you following Master Ken's advice to "re-stomp the groin"? :)

    This topic is supposed to be fun but serious... if that is possible!

    Black Belt Wiki
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      • 2
      Richie This has varied so much in my training. I tend to follow my first instructors thoughts on it. It is fragile but it is a small target and has natural defenses. When stressed they retract which makes the target smaller. Also clothes and weight of the person matter too.

      That being stated, treat the spot like the throat or other sensitive area. When available go for it. It will make the attacker think that split second longer even if you miss. By no means should this be a go to, just an option.
      • 2
      Al W Groin Attacks in my club:-
      Hiza Geri
      Kin Geri
      Gedan Zuki
      Gedan Barai (Demonstrating the strike capability of a block)
      Ashi Barai

      In terms of defence:-
      Low blocks
      Hangetsu Dachi
      Sanchin Dachi
      • 2
      James We do a little bit of groin attack in self defense. Sometimes a simple front kick or knee to the area and sometimes in a grappling situation to grab and twist. Thankfully the latter situation is mapped through rather than applued with intent!! Sometimes a groin grab is the only option. Once we were practising escapes from a bear hug from behind. The instructor who is much smaller than me, but as strong as an ox and 5th dan kyokushin as well as holding dan grades in aikido among others and iscwell versed in krav maga just could not get ne off using the techniques that were working on everyone else. Everything was tried including kicking the shins, trying to smash his head into my face all to no avail. The onky thing that made me give him enough room to escape was when he simply put his hand behind him toward my groin to go for the grab! No one likes a nut twist! Well, some do but not for me when delivered by a man that can crush walnuts with his bare hands lol.
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki [212430,James]

        Thanks for pointing out the "sensitive" technique known as the groin grab. It is interesting how the level of instruction for this technique varies from school to school.

        In many Taekwondo schools, this technique is rarely taught since it is seen as "dirty", against TKD sparring rules, concern for possible injuries, avoidance of any possible inappropriate touching issues, etc. They would rather focus on groin kicks or knee strikes to the groin. Hand strikes to the groin are much less frequently taught and the groin grab seems to be very rarely taught.

        In contrast, in the Marine Corps, there is a greater emphasis on "dirty fighting" because it is seen as common sense (effective) for life & death situations.

        Black Belt Wiki
          • 2
          James [171668,Will - Black Belt Wiki] I dont think this is exclusive to tkd but I guess the exclusion from many tkd schools is due to those particular schools focusing only on the sporting aspects rather than being a broad spectrum to include realistic self defense. In our usual sport based knockdown sparring obviously groin grabbing is frowned upon but in terms of learning to defend yourself or your family in my book there is no such thing as a "dirty" technique
      • 1
      PAUL (paldo) REYNOLDS I'm not one to support the groin, however, in general, the groin strike is a normal realistic contact area, but in the dojo, it's a respected area of non contact. Grappling is higly supportive in my aim of everyone's personal development to make that person complete in karate ! Battle realization thru self-defence tactics is highly endorsed and encouraged. "There's nothing like the real thing" !
      • 1
      Andy [171668,Will - Black Belt Wiki] can we include attacks with improvised weapons such as a garlic crusher? :)
        • 1
        Al W What about a potato masher?
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki As long as we can also add tools such as:

        Nut Chopper -
        Nut Cracker -
        Nutcracker Mushroom -
        Peanut Butter Maker -

      • 1
      Al W Sometimes a steel-toe capped boot to the Balearics is all that is needed

      Plus the mandatory vertical delivery of the foot to said region
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Here is a Krav Maga article called "No Groin, No Krav Maga" -

      The author states "I can’t think of many arts or defense systems that have as many techniques that target the groin as Krav Maga".

      Black Belt Wiki
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Given the re-stomp the groin reference, I watched Master Ken's "100 ways to attack the groin" video again -

      Beyond Master Ken's "Thrust of Freedom" technique, I was surprised to see that he used many realistic groin strikes such as the kick to the groin, knee strike to groin, punch to groin, slap to groin, groin grab, etc.

      Always a funny video to watch... poor Todd! :)

      Black Belt Wiki
      • 1
      Joe Bramblett Knees can be more effective; they're hard to defend and easy to do serious structural damage to that will keep an opponent from catching you when you run away.
      • 1
      Beth Loomer For self defense we teach that it is a secondary target. We teach break holds and strikes other than the groin for primary self defense. As well as first last and always run. Get out of a situation before it starts if at all possible.

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