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  • Self-Defense - Eye Pokes, Eye Rakes, etc. (
    Does you school practice eye "attacks" when practicing self-defense techniques?

    If so, what self-defense techniques aimed at the eye do you practice (i.e. eye pokes, eye rakes, etc.)? How does your school practice these realistically without injuring training partners? Do you practice these techniques with eye protection?

    If not, why doesn't your school practice these techniques?

    Black Belt Wiki
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      • 3
      Kathryn Carson We use several. The most common are a flat tip finger thrust at the eyes, a head grab in which both thumbs take the eyes (ideally the whole move gets led off with a double ear boxing, too--my personal fave), and a fun one called the "darting face mask" (think full hand grab of the attacker's eyes and nose using your nails). We never practice them on humans--too easy to hurt someone for realsies. We use "Bob," the man-shaped martial arts striking dummy. (I'm always amused to see "Bob" getting the crap beat out of him by Sherlock on CBS's show "Elementary." :-) Anyway, we can set Bob at various heights so that women have to reach for him (which would be more realistic than practicing on a similarly-sized live partner). Bob's face is also reasonably hard, which gives students at least an idea of what to expect when striking a human. It hurts! :-) One of our instructors just added a hand-held "Bob" head to the gear room. I haven't used it yet, but I'll be curious to see how feasible it is to provide a moving Bob target for self defense practice.
      • 2
      Andrew Patterson Finger sets on BOB. Easy.
        • 2
        Will - Black Belt Wiki Thanks Andrew!

        Based on your comment & [220307,Beth Loomer] 's, I have added to the following to one of the wiki's eye strike pages... "In order to reduce the potential for accidents, many martial arts schools practice eye strikes against the eyes of BOB (Body Opponent Bags) versus "live" students. Or they practice against students who are wearing large plastic face shields in order to protect their eyes and face". -

        I will try to add this paragraph to other eye technique pages later today.

        Black Belt Wiki
      • 2
      Beth Loomer We do practice them in self defense. We will put on our head gear with face shields when we practice eye gouging type moves usually or just be really careful and not make contact. It is also discussed during self defense that the eyes make great targets and have the added benefit of if you attack someones eyes or scratching you will very likely come away with DNA evidence under your nails.
      • 2
      Kim We also do the eye gouge (both hands, thumb to eyes), learned at orange belt and one of the second degree forms has two eye pokes in it. We walk brough where to place the thumbs for the eye gouge when we are learning it, but we just simulate doing th (…more)
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      • Reply
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Just added an eye rake page to the wiki -

      • 1
      James When aiming for realism with eye gouges we tend to aim just above the eyebrow so that you can get the feel of gripping the head and applying force with the thumb or fingers without huge risk to the eyes. Eye strikes we don't tend to actually land as it's deemed too risky. These include one finger strike, two finger strike and one which is a bit like a strike using Dr Spocks Vulcan hand sign but with the thumb and fore finger together and the other three fingers together on the other side. Not sure of spelling but something like metsuki
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki Haven't seen the one where the thumb and forearm are used together. That would seem weaker (in terms of finger rigidity) than the "standard" four finger eye poke -

          • 1
          James I think it's some and some. In the standard one the little finger and second finger doesn't provide a hugely strong structure. Also there are a lot of people who dont have the flexibility in their hand to separate the fingers that way.
      • 1
      Kathryn Carson I love Bob. I give him little "Gibbs" slaps upside the head every time I go by him. :-)
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki So the list of eye techniques includes:

      Eye pokes or strikes
      Eye thumb jabs
      Eye rakes or claws or scratch
      Eye gouges

      Anything else?

        • 1
        Kathryn Carson It's not called an eye attack, but a reverse backfist to the nose (a la Chil Jang) is really intended to blind someone with their own tears and snot. And practicing that on Bob gets my attention pretty quick, too. Ow. :-)

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