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  • What is the best way to get splits at the age of 30+
    Hi, I'm 31 years old male and I'm trying to find out best and most effective way to get side splits at this age. Some people told me it's not possible at this age. But I believe that it is still possible. I just need the right information to get it done.

    I watched numerous YouTube videos but none gave me good information. Mostly female are able to get side splits easily but as for male concerned very few, I see on YouTube.

    I also tried easy flexibility program for the front split but maybe I have to try long enough.

    I would like to know if any male at this age or around at this age was able to achieve side split. This will also encourage me, and if those individuals can share what really benefited them that would be greatly appreciated.
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      • 2
      Michael I have struggled with tight hamstrings my entire life (literally, my father who used to do TKD learned I couldn't get my leg waist high at abou 7 years old). For someone like me, I think splits is an impossibility. With years of stretching, you may yet be able to do it. Here are a few videos I have used to improve my flexibility.
        • 1
        Maqsood Mansoor thanks for sharing links.
        My sensei also told me that some people's joints are stiff and they can't fully stretch. Maybe that's your case.
          • 1
          Michael Most likely something like that. It's strange cause only my hamstrings are like that. I can fold myself backwards (knees, ankles, and shoulders all touching the floor) but can't bend forwards and touch my toes. Nonetheless, I work on stretching every day to keep as much flexibility as I can. 🙂
      • 2
      Andrew Patterson You just have to stretch every day. It will happen.
      • 2
      Christopher Adamchek theres no special secret to stretching after a certain age
      its just a thing that needs to be done nearly ever day, take your time doing it, and push yourself
      • 1
      Gregory Grove Great question! I'm 54 and was wondering the same thing. I concluded that it will take years of persistent stretching and perseverance.
      • 1
      Andy Hi [246914,Maqsood Mansoor] the absolute best way is shown here during this training montage at around 3.35 :)
      • 1
      Ralph While combating a lingering foot problem that wss made worse by a tight ankle and calf, i got the muscles of my lower leg 'released' with the expert use of a needle. No, not traditional acupuncture, but a procedure done by a licensed phyiotherapist. After initial stiffness and discomfort the tight, restricted leg was looser. My foot could be flexed upward farther than the other one, which was the reverse of the situation that prevailed before the therapy. it wasn't fun, and I'd be cautious about it, but it worked well enough in my circumstance.
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki [246914,Maqsood Mansoor]

      You might like to read this past wiki community thread on splits as there is a lot of good tips & advice -

      Black Belt Wiki

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