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  • Tonfa advice
    This is a shout out to [171807,Andy] and any other kobutoka who can give advice on picking out tonfa. I have practiced with the Century Okinawa style tonfa (, and it seemed to be a proper fit on both length and handle height. However, after about an hour of practice, I developed a blister from the large nob at the end of the handle.

    Based on the measurements provided on their website, all other Century tonfa have larger handles, but based on my hand size, I think they will be too large. I am looking specifically at Century since I want to order them through my dojo.

    Does anyone have any advice to help me chose the best sized/shaped tonfa for me? My hand measurements seem to be about 3.25", so the 3.5 feels like a firm grip to me. The idea length for me would be about 18.5", so I will likely have to go a little long.
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      • 1
      Andy Hi [218075,Michael], I understand the problem, the only ways around it (other than the long and painful process of sticking with the tonfa as they are until your blisters become calloused skin) are to either modify the tonfa yourself (or have someone do it for you), shop around different suppliers (preferably by visiting different MA suppliers so you can try before you buy, or have
      a set of tonfa custom made, you could also try @Will - Black
      Belt Wiki's suggestion of tape to see if that helps. Here is one of the pre eminent experts on Okinawan kobudo weapons with advice on Tonfa selection.
        • 1
        Michael I would love to be able to get/make customized tonfa. Unfortunately, that might not be an option for a while. It sounds like this is a common occurrence when first learning tonfa and is really resolved via hand conditioning over time (like callouses when learning the guitar). If that's the case, I may have already found the correct sized tonfa for me. Thanks!
          • 1
          Christopher Adamchek i agree
          just watch how you build up getting used to it
          i reccomend practicing very often but for short durations to minimize blistering
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Hi [218075,Michael]

      If your current Century tonfa fits your hand - have you thought about putting a little bit of sports tape on your hand to prevent the blister?

        • 1
        Michael I had not considered that. I was using a set at the dojo and am looking at getting my own set, as I am now starting to learn the Tanfa. I will have to remember this if the set I get have the same result.

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