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  • Slow Summer Months
    Does your martial arts school see less students training during the summer? Do you train less in the summer?

    In a related vein - Do you feel recharged after the summer slowdown? Or do you find that you have forgotten techniques or kata/form steps after the summer break?

    The wiki definitely slows down in the summer as people take vacations and do less martial arts research.

    Black Belt Wiki
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      • 1
      Micheline Gravel I don't have much to add since our dojo shuts down for 7 weeks. Schoolkids leave with their parents, parents leave with their kids, even military personnel goes South for at least a week at some point. We take advantage of this time to do a major cleaning of the mat and otherwise neglected nooks and crannies.
      • 1
      Bill Emmes Summer definitely creates a slow period in the school as most people are out on vacations, spending more time with their family and doing more outdoor projects together. This is a time of the year that has the most influence on attendance.

      For me, I don't take a summer break, so my efforts seems to stay pretty focused. I am fortunate enough to be able to spend quality time with two fellow students that have the same commitment level as I do and we practice together to keep sharp and continue the learning process. The advantage of this is a more one-on-one training as the class is definably smaller.

      I do take the first week of June off to celebrate my Wedding Anniversary with my wife - 39 years married, 6 years dating....I guess she is going to keep me, LOL!!
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki 45 years together? Your wife must be a saint. :)

        My wife always jokes that our marriage has an expiration date. Luckily, we have not reached yet!

          • 1
          Bill Emmes Hi Will!

          I like to think she is. she has stuck with me for a long time. Although she jokes as such like your I try not to push her too far.
      • 1
      Beth Loomer Our school is having a large slow down this year. I am still there 5 nights a week but even some of our more dedicated students are taking time off.

      At some point this summer we plan on once again doing a camp out at the beach and will hold class on the beach.
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki One advantage of less people in the summer is the chance for more one-on-one training with instructors. So if anyone needs extra help, this can be a good time to ask as instructors have more free time available... assuming that they are not on vacation too! :)

      • 1
      James We definitely get less school age students training over the holidays as many of the less committed - or those with less committed parents take a break along with the break from school. Even many of the die hards will take a week or two vacation some time through out the summer if they are on a foreign holiday etc.

      For me personally I have no plans to take any time out of the dojo this year and when I do to be fair I still find a way to train where ever I am so dont tend to have any issues forgetting anything as a consequence.

      The summer kicks off this weekend with a bit of extra training in the form of our annual summer camp which lasts 2 days and has typically 5 or 6 training sessions
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki Is your summer camp purely focused on martial arts training or is it a mix of martial arts & fun (esp. for the kids in your school)?

          • 1
          James It is a mix of martial arts and fun . There is usually a bouncy obstacle course for the kids a firework display and a few drinks for the adults on the night before the kids arrive. They have a number of organised traditional kyokushin lessons and often has the opportunity to work with bo or nun chuks and to try out a different complimentary art such as krav mga, bjj or aikido dependent on whos coming along this year.

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