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  • Martial Arts Vacations
    Anyone taking any martial arts-related summer vacations? For example, are you traveling to Shaolin Temple this summer? :) Or is anyone doing any interesting or unusual summer vacations (martial arts-related or not) this year?

    Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

    Black Belt Wiki
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      • 1
      MSGDOC My wife and I are doing an Alaskan cruise. Seattle is the port of debarkation. While in Seattle, planning to visit Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesite. Looking forward to that.
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki Great idea!

        For anyone else interested, here are a few articles on hours, location, etc.
      • 1
      Richie Funny you say that, I was just talking to my wife that we need to plan Vaca's based on dojo's I want to visit.

      New Zealand

      She seemed to like that idea, lol.
      • 1
      Al W Vacation??? What's one of them?

      I go on what's called a Staycation. It means I get a week off work but I'm stuck at home.

      The only MA in my staycation will be the routine going to class, and practicing kata in the kitchen whilst waiting on my dinner cooking
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki [171807,Andy] 's summer vacation sounds like it will be spent unpacking or doing a treasure hunt to find missing moving boxes :)

      Hope your moving "vacation"/nightmare is over & everything has been found!!!

        • 1
        Andy [171668,Will - Black Belt Wiki], yep that pretty much sums things up at the moment :) I am getting there (slowly) but it's looking like the renovation work is going to go well into Autumn and just to make things more chaotic I have also started landscaping the garden! I am planning on booking a 'real' Holliday at the back end of September though! :)

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