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  • Big News
    So today marks my 34th birthday, and amongst the amazing gifts my family gave me I also got one other from my Instructor

    Today I graded for my Shodan in Shotokan Karate.
    What started out as a joke turned out to be a lesson in being careful for what you wish for. That being said I'm glad I went for it rather than pulling out when given the chance.

    Due to circumstances behind the scene my particular grading has to be harder than my peers.

    For the most part it was a crazy blend of basics, kata, and combinations. At points he would change it on a whim. Then some one step sparring and weapon defence thrown in the mix.

    When it came to the freestyle fighting I had 1-on-1, 2-on1, 3-on-1, and 4-on-1. The freestyle ended with a fight with my Instructor. After all that I had to finish the day of with Bassai Dai when I have nothing left after everything I had been put through.

    It was tough but I wouldn't have it any other day
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      • 1
      JINXEDFOXY Congrats and happy belated birthday! Now it is only the beginning! Bassai Dai is my favorite kata. One of the two most important belts: your first and your black. Congrats again!
        • 2
        Al W Thanks [225816,JINXEDFOXY], I'm quite the fan of Bassai Dai myself
      • 1
      Bill Emmes Congratulations on your birthday and on your Shodan test!! Like your first date, you will never forget this one either.
      • 1
      S.P. Not to pry but your "circumstances behind the scene" may have included more experience than most who are trying for Shodan for the first time?
        • 1
        Al W The circumstances behind the scenes are quite lengthy in detail, but in short it involves the parents of some students and their "preferences"
      • 1
      Beth Loomer Congratulations and Happy Birthday
        • 1
        Al W Thanks [220307,Beth Loomer]
      • 1
      Christopher Adamchek Very nice, congratulations and happy birthday
        • 1
        Al W Thanks [171786,Christopher Adamchek]
      • 1
      Dave Magliano Everyone remembers their shodan test. Congratulations.
        • 1
        Al W Thanks [244169,Dave Magliano] it will be one to remember
      • 1
      Michael Congrats!
      • 1
      James Well done [212770,Al W]
      • 1
      Al W One thing I omitted from my post. Up until my spar with my Instructor I was given a handicap of No Kicking
      • 1
      Kim Congratulations! What a great birthday!
        • 1
        Al W Thanks [217372,Kim] it was a great present
      • 1
      Al W That should say any other way
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Congratulations... and happy birthday!!!

      Black Belt Wiki
        • 1
        Al W Thanks [171668,Will - Black Belt Wiki]
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