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  • 2nd try
    After my first try getting hurt during my black belt test. I am once again going to attempt my black belt test. Lets hope this one doesnt end with a trip to the ER like the last one did. My finger is as healed as it can be from July it still doesnt make a complete fist or straighten all the way out. That could be years if ever that is fixed though. Most of the swelling is gone and I can use it for most of what I could before.

    Sorry I have been gone from here it is harder to get on when I am not sitting in front of a computer all day anymore.
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      • 4
      Beth Loomer So for those that are interested. I DID IT!!!!!!! I passed hands down tonight without hurting myself this time.
        • 1
        S.P. Well done. Perhaps focusing on your injury allowed your body to do what it'd been training for.
        • 1
        Al W Congratulations [220307,Beth Loomer]

        Well done
        • 1
        Kim Congratulations!
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki Hurray! Congratulations.

        What was the hardest part of the test?

          • 1
          Beth Loomer My own nervousness was definitely the hardest thing to overcome. Beyond that the 4 on 1 sparring.
      • 1
      Bill Emmes Best of luck Beth!
      • 1
      S.P. Hmm, how did you hurt it during the last test and which finger?
        • 1
        Beth Loomer I hurt the pinky on my right hand. Dislocated and stretched/tore the ligaments and tendons. It has took more than a month and a half to start moving my finger again. I got it caught in my partners uniform during the self defense portion of my test. It happened in the first 10 minutes of my test.
      • 1
      Al W Good luck [220307,Beth Loomer]
      • 1
      Kim Best of luck
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Beth

      I hope you are not rushing your finger. I would hate for you to damage it again. Is your doctor okay with everything?

      When is your test? The best of luck.

        • 1
        Beth Loomer No I am not rushing it I dont think. I am very careful and will continue to be so. Anytime I am in the ring at all I wear gloves and/or wrap my hand so it doesnt get hurt. No idea what my Dr thinks of it I didnt ask. We have the test planned for the 22nd that is the only Friday available before we host our tournament on the 21st of October. The instructor and the Master of the school both want to see me as a black belt before then but were fine if I am not ready.
          • 1
          Will - Black Belt Wiki Just want to make sure you are safe... and in one piece after the test! :)

          Let us know how it goes.

      • 1
      Charlie Studiner Good luck,
      • 1
      Christopher Adamchek Best of luck

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