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  • Hello
    I am new to this site and to social media in general.
    I am 41 years old, the mother of two boys, and have just started my 4th year of Taekwondo lessons and my 3rd year of running. These activities are now a huge part of my life and keep me going. Before this, I was an inactive person. I love my new active lifestyle - I've learned so much!
    I'm always eager to learn new tips on how to improve, so I'll be posting a couple of questions shortly and I look forward to hear what you have to say.
    Thanks! Tracy L

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      • 1
      Kathryn Carson Hey there! Glad to see you join the community! I'll shortly be 45, and I'm a mom of one. It's a strange and wonderful thing, being a fortysomething martial artist mom. As a popular t-shirt says, "Underestimate me. That'll be fun." :-)

      I started taekwondo at 38, and got my black belt at 44. It took a bit longer than I expected, but an autoimmune disease, cancer, and learning an entire second school of forms from scratch kinda delayed things a bit. (My school began as ITF, and converted fully to WT last year. I'm now considered one of the three "forms monsters" in the school, because I do my level best to keep both schools of tkd alive.)

      Like you, I got a "second wind" on life when I found taekwondo. And it has proved absolutely essential to my cancer survivorship. It provides structure and stress relief in ways that very little else in the world does. I also highly recommend mindfulness meditation (vipassana) and yoga (any style!) to smooth out the rough parts of life that taekwondo misses. (And yoga *really* gets your kicks higher!) :-)

      Congratulations on the hard work you've already done, and best wishes for your continued success!
        • 1
        Tracy L Wow - you are inspiring. The fact that you went through all of that and stuck with what you love doing is amazing - instead of breaking down. You must be a very strong person. Doing TKD at this age and being the only adult female in my class is definately a strange thing - when people ask what I've been up to and I tell them about this, the conversation sortof ends. Like they don't know what to make of it. It does make me feel like I'm a bit weird. Other moms my age are watching their kids do this, not doing it themselves! But it also makes me feel strong and special:) I'll take my weirdness any day if it means I can keep doing this. When I stop I find I get anxious and life is more difficult.
        I have tried meditating before bed on busy days - when my mind just doesn't shut off. I'm not very good at it - those thoughts keep barraging in, but it does help. And I do about 1 hour of yoga a week - it definately helps with the flexibility - hands down.
        Thanks for saying hi - you all inspire me!
      • 1
      Ix Hi I did a late start at 45. I barely started, Im on purple belt. Ibrake the benefits of enjoying the adult class and getting me move.
        • 1
        Tracy L That's so great! I can't tell you what a thrill it is to talk with other people my age that are doing this and to read what they have to say. I started 4 years ago, but I often still feel like a beginner. There's so much that I feel terrible at, especially sparring. But there's way more that I'm excited about. What type of martial art have you started? Is there sparring involved? How do you feel about it?
          • 1
          Ix Hi tracy, Im doing tae kwon do. Its not so easy starting at this age. I get shortness of breathe a some intensed training. My kicks has gotten better and stronger. We sparring and poomse. The adults class age ranges from 18-48. it was just great to keep moving as we age.
            • 1
            Tracy L Hi Ix
            I found that, too. If I don't do cardio consistently outside of class time, I'm huffing and puffing in class. It feels terrible. The cardio i do is running and I find that the 2 things - TKD and running are linked for me. If I don't run, class does not feel good and I get frustrated and stop going. If I don't do TKD, I don't have the motivation to stick with the running. Then everything falls apart. I have to do both. Luckily I have great support from a friend and my family (even my kids!) who push me. So you might want to try some extra cardio? Just make sure you warm up first - so important!
            Keep me posted how your class is going? Take care.
      • 1
      Christopher Adamchek Love hearing new stories of people finding their way to the way of martial arts
      • 1
      Tracy L WTF. We occasionally do some Kung Fu moves with a staff which I find really interesting, but we don't do much of that. I'm the only adult woman older than 18 in our class, so it's nice to meet other women involved the martial arts. Men, too, but sometimes I feel like an oddball.
      Nice to meet you:)
        • 1
        Kim Nice to meet you, too. Sorry you don't have any female classmates. We're about half and half male to female in our adult program, but we got the bigger locker room. :)
      • 1
      Kim Welcome! What type of TKD do you study? I practice ITF style.
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Hi Tracy

      Welcome to the wiki community! Sounds like you have had a great experience with Taekwondo. Did you join with your boys? Or did you join to escape your boys? :)

      Black Belt Wiki
        • 1
        Tracy L Both! I first joined with the hopes of getting my tech-obsessed preteen active. But in the meantime, I discovered all the wonderful benefits of getting active myself - less stress, more confidence, losing some weight, and the progress I made in class was exhilirating. I realized for the first time that I actually had a bit of competitiveness in me that I never knew was there. It was a special time with my son but sadly he only lasted 2 years. But I loved class so much I couldn't imagine NOT going. I now do enjoy the escape from everyday life, but struggle to make the time to train at home and the guilt that comes with taking time for yourself. I've tried to quit class a few times for these reasons, but I only last a couple of weeks - I become unhappy. There is just something that keeps pulling me back. It's been a learning process. It helps to know I'm setting a good example for my boys in regards to self-determination and the importance of having physical activity in your life.
        Thanks for your interest.

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