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  • Running distances & TKD - bad combo for your knees?
    I run 4-5 days per week, as well as attend Taekwondo classes 1-2 times per week. Both activities create stress on the joints - knees especially. I am slowly increasing my running mileage every 1-2 weeks, in the hopes of someday running a half or full marathon. If I (so far) have not had pain issues, is it ok to be running & doing TKD with proper stretching & strength training, or am I just asking for trouble and should rather focus on just one or the other? If it's ok to do both, how much time should I be spending on stretching and strength exercises? I'm in my early 40's and thinking much more about injury prevention and physical ability longevity.

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      Trevor Hill I got my problems after I stopped.
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        Tracy L Wow - please tell me more! Knee problems after you stopped running? Were you doing an MA at the time - what kind? Ive read that experts now think that running is GOOD for your knees - it strengthens the muscles/ligaments around the knee, and of course stretching & strength training is important. But it's the combo of running & TKD that concerns me. I would prefer to still run outside every time instead of using the elliptical. But sometimes after class, I feel twinges/sensitivities in my knees (not pain though). So this has me thinking I should cut back on the running. What was your experience?
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      Micheline Gravel Hi Tracy! I want to wish you success in your marathon goals. It doesn't get easier with age but it's not an impossible task. I'm 47, I practice karate 3x/wk and I commute to work (7Km) mostly on a bike (5x/wk). My carrier route is about 5Km of walking. I get a lot of headwind in the open fields and with such a heavy bike, my knees have been taking a pounding. I don't have your sporting aspirations but I do know that a good stretch and massage have helped. Varying your fitness program when your regular workout feels stale helps too. For example, when I'm really stiff, I still do legwork but focus on perfect technique instead of strength. It gets rid of lactic acid buildup and I feel fine the next day when it starts all over again. I'm sure you'll be fine pacing yourself; listen to your body. It sounds cliché but it works. Good luck!
        • 1
        Tracy L Thanks Michelle
        I'm always going back and forth on whether to focus more on the running of more on the TKD. I have 1.5 hours per morning (with 1 day off) to exercise, and if I follow my running plan, I sometimes don't even have time for stretching & strength training afterwards, which I know is not good. Never mind trying to fit in a bit of kicking & forms practice! After posting this heading, I read a lot of people's questions & comments on this site and have been really inspired. I've decided to run less - enough so that I still get cardio in my day, but then still have time for the other stuff. Then maybe I'll worry less about the knees. And I'll be stronger and better in class - bonus.
        It's great that you can bike to work - I wish I had that option. Thanks for the tips!
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      Tracy L Thanks for the replies, guys. Unfortunately running on grass is not an option for me. I live in the country, so it's either the gravel road or running on a slant which (I'm sure you'd agree!) is a big no no for my hips. I WILL be careful about increasing my mileage, though. And I do have an elliptical, so if I do get knee pain I will definately switch it up - great suggestion.
      One thing I'm not sure of is if it's ok to wait until I'm having knee issues to act on these things, or is it too late by then - if I should be very proactive to prevent the onset? I don't want to be paranoid either and not push myself:)
      Thanks again.
        • 1
        Christopher Adamchek definitely dont wait for the knee pain to begin before using the eliptical, you should use it to prevent such things
          • 1
          Tracy L Great - I've wondered about this for a long time. I'll start using the elliptical in place of one run per week starting this week. And sometimes the day after class I feel twinges/sensitivities in my knees. I'll use the elliptical on those days as well. I dislike indoor cardio, but I'm sure in the long run, it will be well worth it. Pun unintended:) Thank-you!
      • 1
      Christopher Adamchek You could work in running on an elliptical which is lower impact on the joints
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Definitely ramp slowly. Taekwondo with its jumping and spinning puts a lot of stress on middle aged knees. In terms of running & knee pain, you should consider running on soft surfaces (i.e. run on the grass versus running on a hard road).

      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Tracy

      Sorry for the delay in approving this post. Real life problems sometimes interfere with community responsibilities. :)

      If this is the post that you want to revise, you should be able to do it now. I think the system doesn't allow any changes until it is approved.

      Black Belt Wiki

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