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  • Ninja Bye
    Q. So, how does a Ninja Turtle say goodbye?
    A. Got a scute! (Look it up, if you need.)
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      S.P. Coincidentally, at an outdoor neighborhood trad-dance festival last weekend, a 6-year-old got separated from his folks. I heard, then saw him sobbing. Two employees from a nearby florist followed his teary tracks, got ahold of him and brought him inside. (Other people went on with their business.) Next day, thinking it would be nice to commend them, communication went something like this (translated from my cautious Japanese):
      me - Yesterday, in this area, a child couldn't see [find] his parents.
      staff [expressionless faces tho' I'm a 5-year sometime customer) - Child?
      me - You both so kindly helped him. Did his parents come?
      staff - Yes, came.
      me - Thank you for your efforts.
      them - (With a hint of a Mona Lisa smile:) Yes.
      • 1
      S.P. Haha, my (real-life) turtle always says "gotta scute/scoot" (as a rescue, she fears any nearby movement). Thanks for the joke!

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