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  • How do you attract kids and teenagers age 6 thru 18 into karate programs
    We started a karate karate program here on our military base and can't get any students considering offering it for free just to see if money is the issue? Black Belt community any views on this?

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      Hermit Might want to consider a self defence workshop first, the kinda thing that maybe you can organize with a youth drop in center etc to get some kids to try it out for a day or 2 without commitment, you might get some interest from there. Or make it a parent kid workshop, some parents out there may be interested, and want to get their kid into something more active, being able to get those parents out and show them may entice them to sign their kids up (but beware the kids that don't want to be there and their parents just push them in, they can be a bad distraction to others) It seems really tough now days (thanks video games!! lol) to get the kids off their butts to come try something, but if you can get them in, that's when interest may spark. Demonstrations at other events may work as well, but take a bit to organize and you want to make sure you have a good demonstration that can catch and hold a kids interest away from their phone for 5 mins. Also we live in a social media world, (as much as I hate to say it) so maybe getting someone good on that to set up some things for your club may work. With that a few catchy videos or something is a must though, cause the way things are nowdays a bad media page is almost like putting up a stick drawn poster, it may turn away the kids that live in the social media world. But all in all it's an issue that many clubs face nowdays even the ones that have established for awhile, my club has been running about 7 years in my town and numbers are getting dangerously close to the line where the club owner will shut down due to lack of interest and not being able to cover rent.
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      David Cochran That is a very broad age range. I would make certain to have clearly defined classes for narrower age ranges. I feel 6-9, 10-13, 14-18. Or, if you have the instructors and room you could run classes concurrently. Games can work for the younger group but can quickly become counter-productive, akin to a dog who only does tricks when they know a treat is coming. When I started our middle school/junior high programs I had to create a curriculum to present to the school board. You should be able to get a good example from your school board and/or athletic counsel. In academia the more comprehensive the better. Should also help in the liability and insurance areas.
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      Will - Black Belt Wiki Hi Claudell

      I am sure that our members will have lots to say on this issue but here are some wiki pages that might help.

      Also make sure to offer family classes (as you will gain some initial kids with their parents), Karate birthday parties in the dojo, martial arts games for young kids (to attract & retain the little ones who are not too into discipline yet), etc.

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