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  • Kata prep for tournaments
    So what are some of the off the wall ways you practice kata for tournaments?

    My old dojo would take turns practicing the kata with various distractions.
    1. Loud music with people yelling (nothing mean, just noise).
    2. Blind folded or eyes closed.
    3. Throwing dodge ball at the person performing the kata to try and break their concentration.
    4. Doing the kata in a different orientation inside the dojo. You would be surprised how many people get put off by this.
    5. Of course we would go through how to bow into the ring and address the judges.

    These were real popular with the kids and the adults tolerated it until they messed up and then would get into it.

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      • 2
      Richie 4 for sure!!!
      Really just practice, don't change anything the week before. I got messed up once. Day of another sensei gave a tweek and I decided to change it, no good.

      Also, mark out the kata. People get messed up if there is to much room and more likely to small space. Last touney, I was at someone miss judged and had to kick over the judges. They were to green to adjust on the fly.
        • 1
        Michael Yeah, my last tourney had a smaller ring for kata.
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      • 1
      Michael Blindfolded?! đŸ˜³. That’s crazy to me. Props to anyone who can pull that off.

      I do 1, 4, and 5.

      We do some serious distractions a little more aggressive than #3 for black belt test, but that’s the only time

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