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  • 6 "Useless" Martial Arts Techniques for Self-Defense?
    This PJ Media article looks at "Six Martial Arts Moves That Will Get You Killed" -

    Do you agree with their self-defense (fighting for your life) advice? They are opposed to things like kicks to the head, spinning kicks, "going to the ground", inside blocks, etc.

    Black Belt Wiki
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      • 1
      Richie I only see one which I agree with. There is no next button, poor website.

      From your list, I agree with all of that. The practice of such techniques makes you a better person and athlete though. As for the blocks, there are no "blocks." They are not effective, at least the ones white belts practice. You receive/counter instead of stop a strike coming to you.

      In your training it is all about priorities.

      Bodo- self-advancement and inner strength takes priorities
      Jutsu- Self-preservation and technique goes first

      You need both to be a well rounded MA-est but one will always come first. Personally, I am a jutsu person.
      • 1
      David Cochran Hard website for my old laptop to process with so much ancillary advertising going on. I thought the videos were very good. Sure wish I could still kick like the TKD guy. It seemed the presenter was arguing his point from a singular perspective. In that sense I have to agree. I have done many self defense classes to groups with no MA experience and usually no physical fitness in their daily lives. For a group like that, I emphasize avoidance and awareness. We all know there is no one technique to fit every encounter. I always have the group pick their "attack scenario(s), 2 or 3 at the most. Then I will choose one technique for each scenario and drill on that. KISS is the best acronym I know for SD so try to imprint on a person only a few things otherwise they are just going to forget it anyway. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
      When in class, big things stress: if you get to that point when you have to act, put everything into it. Strike, strike, strike, to infinity. Then get the heck out of there. Call for help.
        • 1
        Will - Black Belt Wiki I know that site was a little nuts - I had three video ads blaring on my speakers at the same time when I was reading that article. I am always amazed by the sites that try to overwhelm their visitors with ads because their visitors are likely to leave immediately without doing anything on the site and/or never come back due to the unpleasant ad experience.


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