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  • Form
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a video of bassai so for tang soo do.
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      • 1
      ChuckD I use kata videos as a general reminder as to how forms are performed. Details can and are different from dojo to dojo (or dojang :)) So just keep in mind your teacher might do it slightly different.
      • 1
      Keno Ogara having found many variants for Bassai Di, Sho and other Kata dependent not only on the style but also the Originator on the internet, look on BlackBelt Wiki then on the various internet sites until you find the correct one, I was lucky to find this site as it has virtually everything and if I can't find it then I can ask and Karateka from all over will help, I hope you can find the one you need.
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Michael

      Here is the wiki page with the Tang Soo Do Bassai form page -

      Stupid question of the day - Are there different Tang Soo Do Bassai forms? Or is Bassai the same as Bassai So?

      Black Belt Wiki
        • 2
        Jan Larsen Yes there are 2 Bassai forms, Bassai Cho (short) and Bassai Dai (long)
          • 1
          Will - Black Belt Wiki Jan

          Just updated the wiki's Tang Soo Do Bassai page to show both versions -

          Please let me know if anything else should be added. Thanks.

          • 1
          Will - Black Belt Wiki Thanks Jan

          I had thought that only Karate had major & minor forms of Bassai... but stupid me, I should have realized that there are a number of Tang Soo Do organizations and thus probably different formats. I will update the Bassai page later today to add the short version too.

          Black Belt Wiki

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