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  • helping others
    Something crazy happened to me and I would like the opinion of others.

    I was ironically teaching my wife her first kata in the living, and we heard some blood-curdling screaming. Waiting a bit to see if what we heard was real I jetted outside after the confirmation. It was a woman screaming "leave me alone" "stop it"

    I grabbed my keys for a weapon and went to find the noise. It was the closest thing to me.

    Found the source and it was in a dark alley between two houses. I live in a city by a business district.

    Still kicking myself for not grabbing a flashlight and not having something better as a quick weapon.

    I screamed "STOP" in the dark alley. The ladies screaming kept going. I asked if she was alone and she started talking to me, not in an intelligent way.

    Long story short, the lady was intoxicated. Told her I was going to call the cops and left.

    Was I a hero or an idiot. I was reminded of some things I forgot from my training in the military like a freaken flashlight. Other than my mistakes and things I did right, not running in blind, would you have just called the police or taken action.

    Also, are the other men in the area that came out when they knew it was safe weak? What are your views on these people too?
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      • 1
      Richie Thanks guys!
      I have been meaning to prep my defense readiness in the house and this just prompted me finally do it.
      • 1
      Dave Magliano Probably would have done what you did. Those of us with military training tend to have that "search and recover" thing ingrained in us. And I wouldn't beat yourself up about not grabbing a flashlight or a better weapon. It was a split second decision and you most likely don't train for the scenarios.
      • 1
      Hermit I think what you did was something that too many people now days will not do, a lot of "men" would go about their business and think it's not their concern (I have no use for that type of person). The fact you went in there to help is a very good trait, that you forgot a flashlight, meh, don't beat yourself up over. It would have been useful yes, but you tried to help as soon as you could, instead of spending the time to get yourself ready. You put yourself into the way of possible harm to help someone else without knowing who, that definitely speaks of your integrity, glad to hear and even though she didn't or couldn't thank you, you deserve it.

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