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  • New member here
    I am currently exploring the possibility of opening a Dojo. There are no Dojo facilities within 100 mile that I feel provide training similar to or holding a like minded training ethic. As a result, I find myself without a reasonable place to train. I currently hold Ni-kyu (2nd Kyu Brown belt) . I fell out of training as a result of divorce, moving out of state and some health issues which, hopefully, are behind me.
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      Andrew Patterson Well, opening a Dojo and not having Black Belt Credentials may pose a problem for you. Do you have direction and support from Black Belts in your area? I am not saying anything about your skill level at all, just wondering if you have a support system for your Dojo, and if you are going to be able to complete your journey to Black Belt? Potential Students, be this right or wrong, are going to be looking for someone to teach them that are ranked accordingly. It may be an option to open the school and clearly state that you are not YET a Black Belt, but are on the path to earn one, if that is a viable course.
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        Steven Penrod I am in contact with the people I started with. I have been communicating with 2 of my Sensei. We are making arrangements to do an evaluation of my teaching skills with regard to our system so that o can be approved as a member dojo. I am with Ed Hamile's West Coast Shotokan Karate Association International as a student, (not with the dojo on Las Tunas, Temple City, CA, who I am told was removed from the association). Certainly, I would NEVER misrepresent my credentials or skills. I was a Certifed Assistant Instructor and taught the youth beginner and intermediate classes for about a year, I also assisted with the adult classes routinely. Thank you for your comments, I am just in the pipe dream/planning stages and much will depend upon the evaluation results.

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