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  • How do you coach parents to refrain from talking into the karate class to their child
    First time student with Mom talking from the side of the training area! Who has experience this before and how did it end?
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      Will - Black Belt Wiki Hi Claudell

      In our school, we have a large glass wall that separates the parents (in the waiting room) from the class area. Less chance for them to interrupt.

      If a parent was being rude and interrupting a class, I would tell the parent politely that you are teaching and that they are interrupting the class. This can be done publicly if you want to make sure the other parents know this unwritten rule and/or the interrupting parent is a pain. Or you can pull the parent aside after class and explain the rules to them privately.

      You might also want to put up a big sign on the wall where the parents sit explaining this rule! :)

      Black Belt Wiki
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      Celeste R Domke Our new students get a series of emails on different topics. One of those topics is studio expectations for participants and viewers, some of the others are, why do we bow, what is a kihup, etc.
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      Jerry Fielden It helps like in my case when I am both a parent and a student. It's very clear I will not talk during his class and I don't want him to come see me either. This is understood by all at his dojo, even the new ones, seems like!
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      Hermit I had a little of this from one parent and they were even coaching the boy along from the side, but using different techniques etc due to the fact the dad had been a boxer, it's not easy as it's nice to have a parent actually interested in what their child is doing, but it can be detrimental to the class. In my case our club owner spoke with the parent, not sure what was said exactly but the parent coaching from the side was something our owner did not like either so he dealt with it (also you could see the son hated it lol). I would probably lean towards speaking with the parent in private first, probably explain that I ask the students not to talk during instruction for many reasons, but would probably stress that there is a safety factor so that instruction is heard and not confused. Also that students not speaking during instruction is a respect issue and I would ask anyone sitting in the class, even on the side just watching to have the same respect for the person instructing. Club rules are not just for students, but anyone that is in the club. However while I don't mean in anyway bend to the parent, if you can resolve it on good terms a parent that wants to take an active role in their child's training can be nice when it comes to needing assistance from parents for whatever. Or maybe even end up with an adult student as well if they want to be active in their child's training (although if they were a pain in the butt before.....)
      All in all, the safety side often is a good way to get through to the parent in my opinion.

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