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  • New member here: Share my experience
    New member to BB Wiki community and want to publish my first post and share my experience.
    First, I am 66 years old, and have been practicing Tae Kwon Do, with Shotokan as the present discipline.
    When I was in my 20's I studied TKD under Master Ky Yung Kim for 2.5 years, attaining senior brown (at that time soon to be black belt). Life got in the way and I left the discipline but it never left me.
    Many years later my oldest grandson expressed karate interest due to me showing him moves when he was old enough to imitate, watching Bruce Lee, Karate Kid, and other movies. After he attained specific goals I set for him I sponsored his TKD lessons with my first instructor Master Kim. Unfortunately did not last too long due to Master Kim health issues.
    We moved grandson to another TKD studio where the Sensei had studied under Master Kim. After watching grandson workout I could not ignore my love for the sport and I enrolled as well (at age 64).
    Our Sensei has refocused our training to Shotokan in the last year and it goes very well for me.
    When I first enrolled and started training I had to keep reminding myself I was not 24 again (although in my mind I felt like I was). Muscle memory has stayed with me from long ago and aside from starting over from white belt and occasional stiffness I have made good progress.
    Recently achieved brown belt with the goal of black belt. I like sparring with the younger karate-ka as well as the other well seasoned karate-ka.
    I just have to remind myself I cannot do a flying spin kick anymore as well as I once could.
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      • 1
      D Waples Hi John

      As 70 years approaches me in 6 days and reading your story I am reminded of my story. I was trained in hand and foot techniques by a Korean Master while serving in the US Army in 1967 before serving in Vietnam. I was intrigued by the dicipline and always wiahed to persue it formally but my duties prevented this.

      It was five years ago that I entered a formal school and finally began training. Presently I am a 1st Dan teaching at a "not for profit" club and loving every minute. I test for 2D next spring. Some days are better than others but if you don't take yourself too seriously and be present in the moment -- I will continue this joyful part of my life.

        • 1
        John Thanks for the reply. I agree with your philosophy "don't take yourself too seriously and be present in the moment..." Be thankful for today.
        What discipline do you practice?
          • 1
          D Waples Traditional ITF Taekwondo. I also do Tai Chi for warmups and focus.
      • 1
      Will - Black Belt Wiki Hi John

      Welcome to the wiki community! Had to laugh at your comment about "reminding myself I was not 24 again". I think that many of us have the same problem. :)

      FYI - You will get more responses to your post when our weekly email goes on the weekend. It reminds some members that we exist! Also glad you posted this as a main message because more people will see it versus being buried on an existing post (i.e. one of a billion comments).

      Black Belt Wiki

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